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Curious about dreadlock extensions? Read over our FAQ and fill out our contact form below. A stylist will be in touch to set you up a complimentary in-person consultation where we can discuss your hair and make a plan to achieve your goals! Want to skip the form? Click the button below to book your consultation today!




What kind of dreadlock extensions do you offer?
We currently only offer temporary synthetic dreadlock services. Synthetic extensions are a great way to try out a dreadlock style. They are braided into your hair instead of dreaded.

Do I need to supply my own extensions?
Nope! Our artist KayLeigh hand makes all of the extensions in our salon and she can make a custom set just for you!

Do I have to get a full head of dreadlocks?
You certainly can but we also offer partial and accent installs based on your needs. Accent installs are usually just two to five extensions based on your hair density and a partial set takes up half your head.

What can I expect for maintenance?
Temporary dreadlocks need to be removed every 5-6 weeks and reinstalled otherwise your natural hair will start to dread. 

Do you offer permanent dreadlock services or maintenance?
Not at this time but it is our goal! We want to be fully educated on dreadlock services for all hair types before we begin to offer them in the salon.

What is the cost?
Cost varies widely but you can expect the initial cost to be between $200 - $1500 depending on how many dreads we need and what application you pick.


Will extensions damage my natural hair?
We make scalp health and maintaining your natural hair's strength and integrity our number one priority. No extension method can guarantee that there won't be some tension damage but we are here to eliminate that possibility as much as possible. Nurturing your natural hair is incredibly important to us!


meet your extension artist

KayLeigh Beck

KayLeigh loves using her creativity to hand-make custom synthetic dreadlock sets! She loves using all the colors! She is passionate about continuing her education about the dreadlock process and sharing her knowledge with all of her guests. 


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