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Lead Stylist / Lead Makeup Artist

Years of Experience: 15

Zodiac: Cancer


Specialties: Vivid Color, Extreme Color, Bridal Makeup

7 Words: Eclectic, Kind, Detail-Oriented, Funny, Patient, Empathetic, Creative

Favorite Color: Literally all of them! They all have something different to offer.


Greetings, adventurer! I'm Ann Shepich, an extreme hair color specialist and makeup artist serving the areas in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan. 


As a creative person, I know what it's like to pour yourself into a project, and the need to replenish yourself afterward by letting yourself be taken care of. As a self-proclaimed weirdo, I love making your hair reflect who you are inside. And as a fantasy role-playing nerd, I can listen deeply and support your plans, whether they be keeping to the path or forging a new one. I have designed the experience in my chair in a way that will nurture your soul and uplift your spirit. 


I have been a hair stylist since 2008, and a wedding makeup artist since 2013. I care deeply for my guests and I take mental health very seriously, so don't hesitate to ask for anything, including a silent appointment. I also strive to make my chair a safe, positive, judgment-free space for everyone regardless of gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, body shape, size, or ability. 


I love extreme color! Think rainbows or all-over platinum. These services really light me up and allow me to be my most creative self. Along with a thorough consultation, I also use intuition to guide me through caring for you. If you like, you can pull a tarot card to reflect on during your service. Or if you're up for a real adventure, take a chance and roll the dice to determine your next hair color!


When I'm not in the salon, you'll likely find me with my husband, daughter, and dog, relaxing at home. We love to travel, especially to historic and spooky places! I'm also an avid reader, cross stitcher, D&D (and other ttrpg) player, and a lover of all things weird and paranormal.


I look forward to guiding your next hair adventure!

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