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Owner / Lead Stylist

Years of Experience: 14

Zodiac: Aries


Specialties: Blonding, Balayage, Lived-In Color, Bridal Styling, Extensions

7 Words: Independent, Artistic, Ambitious, Curious, Honest, Easygoing, Dreamer

Favorite Color: Every shade of orange.

Hi! I'm Kristen Hasty, owner and lead dreamer at Alder. I'm a maker and creator and I believe I was always destined for a career in an industry where I could truly embrace my need to be artistic. 
I grew up in northern Indiana but I went on a bit of wander after high school.  After obtaining a bachelor's degree in art history and another in fine art I entered the beauty industry in 2009 and haven't looked back.  My previous education; learning how to parse color and light has been integral in making me into the stylist I am today.

As an introvert in a field full of extroverts, I understand salon anxiety and how sometimes you might not always feel completely welcome or sure of yourself in a beauty space. Although I can be a little blunt with my delivery (thank you Aries Sun) my vision for Alder and for my own guests is to make sure that everyone feels at home in our studio. I want you to feel confident and empowered in my chair because that is how I feel behind my chair. 

I do love big bold vivid colors but my true genius lies in composing delicate, dreamy, lived-in looks. I love thinking about where the light hits your hair and how to place shadows to accentuate brightness. Lived-In Color is a foiling technique that uses your natural hair color as a base to paint intentional luminosity and pockets of depth, creating a low-maintenance customizable color that is perfect just for you!

Bridal styling has always been high on my list of skills to perfect. Even all the way back in beauty school I would get called out for not doing my actual work and just creating updos on anyone willing to sit still. Fast forward 14 years and I love spending my summers with brides on their best days! It is such an honor to be chosen to be a part of so many celebrations.

When I'm not in the salon I'm hanging out with my cat and my husband, tending my plants, reading, playing video games, or working on whichever craft is my current hyper fixation. Recently I've fallen into bookbinding and typesetting but I've been a knitter, candle maker, painter, graphic designer, collage artist, and embroidery guru as well.

Book with me and let's create some art together!

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