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At Alder, we're all about teamwork, learning, and achieving big goals together. We aspire to foster a collaborative environment where we share knowledge and help each other grow. We're dedicated to helping you discover your unique brand and leveraging it to attract your ideal clientele. With options for both hourly and commission-based pay, unlimited time off, and a paid vacation week during the holidays, we hopefully offer more than just a job but a gateway into a successful career. We also offer quarterly goal planning and continuing access to advanced education. Check out our core values below to get a glimpse of what sets us apart.

If you're interested in joining our team e-mail for more information.


Our Core Values

Equity & Inclusivity

We are all unique beings. We're all a little weird. Everyone is welcome, everyone deserves kindness. We encourage and empower ourselves and our guests. We are committed to equity and inclusivity. Our doors and chairs are open to those from all walks of life. We treat ourselves and our guests with empathy and grace.


Artistic Expression & A Spirit of Learning

We are a community that values artistic expression. We approach challenges with grace and a spirit of continuous learning. We strive to respect individual talents while always remaining open and adaptable to our guest's current needs.

We believe trust is a necessity and is built in many different ways. We are timely, and dependable. We provide our guests with in-depth consultations, and realistic goals about maintenance, pricing, aftercare, & color session expectations. We humbly admit to our mistakes and learn from them. We sell and use products we believe in.

Self Care
We emphasize mental health and self-care for our guests as well as ourselves. We treat ourselves and our guests as a whole person instead of a service dollar or service provider.

Laid Back Luxury

We hold ourselves and our space to a high standard, but our goal is always to be approachable and not intimidating or sterile. Our environment and our attitudes are warm and patient. A luxurious experience is a kindness that everyone can afford.

Success & Growth

We understand that success comes with focus not time. Success looks different for us all and we are committed to communicating our needs. Our leaders strive to lead with compassionate leadership.

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