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Stylist / Makeup Artist


Years of Experience: 6

Zodiac: Aquarius


Specialties: Special Occasion Hair, Makeup Artistry, Lived-In Color

7 Words: Kind, Funny, Empathetic, Organized, Easy- going Positive Adventurous

Favorite Colors: I love all colors but black holds a special place in my heart.


Welcome in! I'm Corena and I'm super excited to begin this journey with you.

My journey with hair started before even I decided to go to cosmetology school. I knew in High School I loved playing with my friends' hair for our formal dances and the color guard performances. After cosmetology school I worked behind the chair for four years before deciding to part ways from the industry, but I would constantly catch myself missing what I truly knew I loved to do. I knew I had to go back! I was referred to Alder Hair Studio for my 2022 wedding. As soon as I found myself in the salon as a guest I knew I loved it.

Since being back behind the chair, I've noticed how much things truly change over the years in the hair world. I am constantly trying to grow myself and my knowledge while furthering my education with new color placements and techniques. Since being back in the salon I find myself truly loving the art of blended and lived-in color, dimensional colors, and (of course where my interest started years ago ) formal styling.

I feel as though my work reflects my personality. I'm a soft-spoken person with a huge heart and the softness of my personality shows a lot in my color work while my heart shows in the connections I try to make with my guests. I know life can get a little hectic sometimes but I want to welcome you into my chair and give you some time to relax and unwind. When you sit with me I will give you my undivided attention in order to make sure to learn your hair as well as to learn you. I pride myself on being very personable. I feel like most of us know what it's like to sit in someone's chair to have the same conversations you had the last time you were in the salon. I try to shy away from that, I want to be able to laugh with you, talk about things that really make you happy, and to have a real connection with you.

Outside of the salon, I'm usually doing all sorts of things. During the warmer months  my husband and I are usually on different lakes with our boats or riding trails up north in our side by side. On my own time I usually enjoy working in our yard outside. I also try to make it to as many concerts as I can throughout the year. When things start to cool down I love going line dancing or just hanging out at home with my husband, our two cats and three dogs. I also love anything true crime, whether it be a T.V show or a good podcast.

I hope that we get to start your new hair journey together!

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