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Image by Igor Rand


New Talent Stylist

Years of Experience: 1

Zodiac: Taurus

7 Words: Outgoing, Passionate, Determined, Creative, Loyal, Flexible, and of course Colorful!

Favorite Color: purple and green

Hello, My name is Makaila Pardee! I view hair as a colorful form of self-expression. I have a strong passion for Hair Color and Makeup. I love to explore the world of color correction from time to time! To me, beauty is key to somebody’s individuality and self-expression! I believe beauty has no gender, ethnicity, religion, weight, or sexuality! When you sit in my chair, you are in a safe and inviting environment! Whatever walk of life you may come from, you are welcome!


I grew up in a very small village in Allegan County, where the only thing keeping it on the map was a Dollar General! Growing up, I fell deeply in love with my creative side! You could always find me drawing, painting, doing makeup, or coloring my hair another crazy color! I spent a lot of my time doing makeup and fun hairstyles for friends and family! Whether it was a special event or a wedding, I was always In love with being able to help someone express themselves in a creative manner. I fell in love with helping people love themselves from not only the outside but the inside as well.


When I was in high school, I was a student helper through the Peer 2 Peer program. I got a chance to help out children with various disabilities and I even met one of my good friends through the program. I was very blessed to get a chance to work with these kids and I was able to relate to them. Every individual person is special in their own way. It's completely okay to be different because that's what makes you unique!


Outside of the salon, you can find me somewhere by the water! I love the beauty of nature and the outdoors is my happy place! In the cold months, you can find me cuddled up inside, with a cozy sweater, watching a scary movie with my three cats! I hope we can further your creative journey together!

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