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Hi! I'm Kristen! You may have met me elsewhere on this site already but I'm the extension specialist at Alder.

Whether you're looking for volume, length, or both extensions are a wonderful way to change your look quickly and dramatically. Lots and lots of people struggle with thin hair, fine hair, or hair that just won't grow past a certain point. Extensions are a great way to get the hair you've always wanted!

At Alder, I only install extensions in beaded rows. There are lots of differ
ent methods that stylists use to install beaded rows but I've chosen to focus on the IBE method (Invisible Bead Extensions). Beauty without the damage is the name of the game with Invisible Bead Extensions. The IBE method was created with the health of the client's scalp and hair as the top priority. Invisible Bead's track focuses on flexibility and equal weight distribution to create a minimal amount of tension on your natural hair. We believe IBE is the most comfortable, flexible, and invisible hair extension method.

I only use luxury hair extension brands that are double-drawn, silicone-free, cuticle intact, & 100% human hair. We've chosen brands like Muse, Kitsune, Everything Hand Tied, and One for quality and longevity. At your consultation appointment, I will walk you through the difference between hand-tied wefts, genius wefts, and machine wefts. We will also talk about where your hair will be sourced from and how to adequately care for your investment.

pricing &

Beaded rows are installed with wefts! The general rule of thumb is 1 row for volume, 2 rows for volume & 3-6 inches of length, and 3 rows for lots of volume and a significant length transformation. 

After the initial install, hair will be removed and reinstalled between 7-8 weeks. At that appointment, we will evaluate your growth and create a maintenance schedule with you. Most maintenance appointments are every 6-9 weeks, depending on your hair type and home care.

Hair cost varies greatly based on how many wefts & and rows are needed to create your ideal look. As long as proper home care is followed your hair will last you 8-10 months. Blonde hair is a little more delicate and typically lasts 6-9 months.

There is lots more to learn! I'd love to chat with you about your hair goals.

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