Kristen Hasty


Owner / Stylist

Years of Experience: 12

7 Words: Independent, Artistic, Ambitious, Curious, Honest, Easygoing, Dreamer

Favorite Color: Every shade of orange.

I grew up in northern Indiana but I went on a bit of wander after high school.  After obtaining a bachelor's degree in art history and another in fine art, spending some time in Nashville, and then moving back to Indiana I ended up going to beauty school in 2009. I've worked in South Bend, Grand Rapids, and now Kalamazoo where I've been for over seven years.

I love reading, playing video games, and listening to podcasts and music. I'm happiest being creative and I'm dedicated to giving my guests all of my attention and the absolute best of my abilities every time they sit down in my chair. I also own and operate a candle company called Rose & Adder.

Check out Kristen's work HERE.

Ann Shepich


Stylist / Makeup Artist

Years of Experience: 13

7 Words: Eclectic, Kind, Detail-Oriented, Funny, Patient, Empathetic, Creative

Favorite Color: Literally all of them! They all have something different to offer.

My hair journey started by cutting my husband's hair at home. He was actually the one who suggested that I go to cosmetology school! In 2008 I did, and the more I learned the more I liked it. I worked in the mall for 4 1/2 years then a salon near downtown Kalamazoo for 7 1/2 years before joining Vesper. My favorite part of doing hair is being able to touch people and make them feel beautiful. I really connect with the healing aspect of my craft. And of course I love being artistic and creative. 

Check out Ann's work HERE.